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Cantesanu F-Bb double horn
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NOTICE: The shop will be closed during the month of August. We will be relocating to the state of Utah. Please visit us again for information about the the new location towards the end of the month. We appreciate your understanding.
The current wait is around 5 months for delivery of a new Cantesanu Model C horn.
» [ Spec sheet ](PDF)

Now in the Online Store:

» Cantesanu Mouthpieces
In stock! The 2-piece construction is available as Complete, Rim only and Cup only options.

» Cantesanu Leadpipes
(Custom leadpipes for many Geyer style horns and others.) Leadpipes have been installed on Rauch, Berg, Lewis, Conn, Kruspe, Yamaha and other horns with outstanding results.

» Cantesanu-Meinl Bells
The shop offers superior quality medium size bells with Alex compatible rings. This is the same bell used to build the Model "C" horn.

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